Monday, September 20, 2010

BK564 Cuddly Cuffs - Jolly Jungle


Crocodile has stripes, Lion wears tights,
Zebra with a rose, Hippo on tiptoes,
Monkey upside down, Giraffe is a clown,
Rhino juggles, Parrot blows bubbles.

These funky, bright velour cloth books with simple rhymes and humorous illustrations are the perfect way to introduce children to the joy of reading!

Book Review
"Makes an ideal first book for baby . . . well-designed and fun to read. With gently rhyming text and clear, bright and colourful illustrations, this book is a little gem."
Book Fest Recommended Reading Guide 2003, Children's Books Ireland.

Age: From birth
Illustrator: Lucy Richards
Soft book: 12 pages
Publisher: Little Tiger press
ISBN: 9781854309129
Product Dimensions: 90 x 90 mm
Condition: New
RRP: RM28.90

Status: Sold

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