Monday, September 06, 2010

BK556 Ready for School Set


The Ready for School series has been especially devised to help parents prepare their children for their first years at school.

The simple exercises in the Ready for School books are fun to do and children will be encouraged to learn while having fun.

Fun with Words
Especially compiled for children of nursery of play school age. The exercises introduce your child to the use of words. Your child will learn to associate words with objects and ideas, as well as recognize the shapes of letters and short words.

Fun with Words and Sums
The exercises involve your child in activities such as adding, subtracting, identifying largest, smallest, first and last.

Fun going to school
The exercises help your child to recognize letters and words, and to learn about such concepts as 'on top', 'under' and 'between'. The ideas in this book form the basis of learning at school.

Publisher: S.Abdul Majeed & Co
Product Dimensions: 27.x 21 cm
Condition: Old stock

Status: Sold

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