Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BK543 Ingenious Jean


Jean, a very ingenious young girl with a passion for inventing wonderful things. Her brother and sister are her audience and after each creation has been brought into existence by much hammering, banging, drawing and planning, scheming and dreaming, she takes her new invention to them for assessment. They think she's very inventive and talented, but somehow her inventions seem to lack originality; however brilliant her inventions are, it turns out that they have been done before. Discouraged, Jean wonders into the kitchen - and it is there that she creates something the world has never seen before (her brother and sister both fully agree on this!).
Ingenious Jean is a very undemanding book for toddlers, with nice big, bold print and brightly coloured drawings, with Jean's creations being presented in all their chaotic glory.

Reading age: 4 - 8
Paperback: 22 pages
Publisher: Little Bees
Condition: New

Status: Sold

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