Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BK073 : Fun To Learn Series

Item Code: BK073A

Early Words
Item Code: BK073B

Shapes and Colours
Item Code: BK073C

Fun to Learn is a great new series of early concept books.
Provides a short story with a simple text and colourful illustrations.
The interactive wheel adds a hide-and-seek element revealing the answers to the questions asked in the story.
Turn the wheel and find out if you're right!

Status: All Sold Out

Monday, June 29, 2009

BK072 : Baby's First Set

Item Code: BK072A

Item Code: BK072B

Your lil ones will love the colourful photographs in
this Baby Boppers Baby's First series,
giving them a headstart on learning.
24 pages board book, size 13.7 x 13.7 cm
Published by Hinkler Book

Status : Sold *Shannon
Price: RM25

Sunday, June 28, 2009

BY003 : Baby Einstein Discovering Sounds Home

Item Code: BY003

So many sounds in one little home!
The large door knob is easy for little hands to open and close and encourages fine motor skills. When the big door bell is pressed, baby will be delighted to hear "Ding Dong", "Woof Woof" and "Meow" to go along with cartoon and real-life imageries of a dog and cat. Slide the door open, to hear "Hello" and slide door closed to hear "Goodbye" in English, Spanish and French.
The easy grip handle with sliding sun bead helps develop motor skills. The various textures of the house promotes baby’s tactile discovery. Great for on-the-go.
RRP: RM44.90

Status: Sold
Price: RM38

BK071 : Baby Einstein Photo Book


Vinyl photo book introduces baby to family and friends. Holds five 4" x 6" photos, plus one wallet size photo. Water-filled teether handle soothes baby's gums. Colorful page tabs for easy turning. Plastic flaps on each page help keep photos protected. Once it's filled with pictures of family and friends, this adorable vinyl photo book will be full of precious memories for your baby to look through and enjoy. Full with colorful scenery and Baby Einstein's characters.

Status: Sold *Shannon
Price: RM35

Friday, June 26, 2009

BK070 : Disney Princess Series







Hardcover, colourful and glossy printing

Status: All sold out
Price: RM7 each

BK068 : Ben's Book


Paperback, 24 pages
Published by Chrysalis Children's Books
Size 23.6 x 23.2 cm

Ben's never come across a book before,
and he's not quite sure what to do with it!
Should he use it to stand on so he can reach up higher?
Perhaps it would make a good tunnel for his cars,
or a nice new house for his hamster?
Each different thing Ben tries just doesn't seem quite right!
Until, that is, he shows it to his older sister Lily,
who knows exactly what the book is for.
A wonderfully cosy book to share.

Price: RM17
Status: Sold *Shannon

BY002 : Fisher Price Link-A-Doss Farm Flip Book

Item Code: BY002

Teaches baby about animals with words, pictures and textures.
There are 3 two-sided pages representing 6 animals in all.
The front of each card contain textured animals;
a pig with satin fabric, a sheep with lambs wool
and a cow with fuzzy black and white fabric.
The back sides of the cards contain 3 molded in animals;
horse, duck and chicken.
All cards have the name of the animal printed
at the bottom of each card.

Price: RM17
Status: Sold *Nurul Ain

Thursday, June 25, 2009

BK066 : Daisy Dawson Is On Her Way!


This is a book for young readers, perhaps in the 7 to 9 age range, featuring a young girl, Daisy, who loves animals. One day, on her way to school, a passing butterfly gives. Daisy a gift of immeasurable worth.
She gives Daisy the ability to talk with animals - all sorts of animals.
And talk with them she does. She loves her new gift, but at the same time worries that she might be the one going crazy.
Is she imagining all these conversations in her mind?
Or are the class pets - gerbils - really arguing about cheese snacks?
Paperback, 105 pages
Published by Walker Books, UK

Status: Sold

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BK065 : Read Me A Story Series

Item Code: BK065A
Sold *HaDi

Item Code: BK065B
Sold *HaDi

Item Code: BK065C
Sold * Nora

Series of enchanting story and
delightful full-colour and cute illustrations
your lil ones will simply love!
Paperback, 28 x 21.5 cm

Price: RM6 each

BK064 : Alphabet Under Construction


Mouse is hard at work constructing an alphabet
with 26 sturdy verbs.
He dyes the D, erases the E, and folds the F.
Mouse works his way right through to Z,
constructing an alphabet that is sure to please.
Young children will enjoy seeing Mouse gets messy
before it's all over, but his hard work is rewarded: the last
page shows the completed alphabet.
Softcover book, 32 pages
Published by Scholastic

Price: RM13
Status: Sold *Shannon

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BK063 : My Trip To Grandma's


A cute 'bag' board book about a lil boy who are
on a trip to grandma's house!
It's the perfect board book to prepare your lil ones
for a visit, and to pack, too.
14 pages board book
Colourful and wonderful illustrations
Published by Sterling Publishing

Price: RM23
Status: Sold * Leilawati *Shannon

BK062 : Pizza in His Pocket - Learning to be Thankful to Allah


This book teaches children about being thankful to Allah
for what they have and sharing with others,
through a funny story about a boy who loves to eat.
Wherever in the world the boy goes, he eats something different.
Whether its gyros made in Cairo or bon bons on a beach in the Bahamas, this book will help your kids learn and laugh.
Has 24 pages, softcover
Published by Goodword Books

Price: RM9.90
Status: Sold *Qurratulain

BK061 : Subtraction Action


Introduces subtraction through the activities
of animal students at a school fair.
Includes problems for the reader to solve.
An interesting maths book!
Softcover, 32 pages, 27.4 x 20.5 cm
Published by Scholastic

Price: RM9
Status: Sold * Leilawati
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