Friday, June 19, 2009

BK052 : Sound-out-the-Word : Phonics Readers

Item Code: BK052
Quantity: 2 sets

Scholastic's Sound-out-the-Word Phonics Readers are part
of an innovative, new program that will help your child learn to read.
Designed by reading experts, your child progresses from
making letter sound connections to reading new words
in carefully constructed stories.
Each new sound mastered means he or she
will be able to read more words!
Each set includes five readers, a workbook and a CD.
The books included are: I Am Reading the ABCs, My Cat,
Who Did It?, The Band and What Is It?
The workbook encourages the reader to practice all the new words
learned in the phonics readers.
The CD has an introdcution, each story and a review of
each story for a total of 11 tracks.

Price: RM35
Status: SOLD *Sujitra *Wanie

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