Sunday, December 20, 2009

BK354 Mix & Match Set



Strawberry Shortcake - The Berry Big Storm
There is a berry big storm in Strawberryland! It rains too much. The River Fudge floods. Huckleberry Pie needs help! Can Strawberry Shortcake save the day?

Grover's Adventure Under the Sea
In full scuba gear, intrepid explorer Grover goes in search of undersea treasure. Through gaps in the seaweed and chinks in coral and rocks he discovers a sea horse, a dolphin, a jellyfish, and even a treasure chest filled with sand dollars.

Don't Cry, Big Bird
Big Bird gets discouraged because he is so much bigger than his Sesame Street friends.

Condition: Used, 7/10 - contents in clean and good condition. Cover has some wear along edges. Definitely not for fussy buyer ;P

Status: Sold

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