Thursday, October 08, 2009

BK244 : Pooh 'Oh, Bother!' Books


Oh, Bother! A special Pooh series where simple childhood problems are addressed and happily resolved.

Tittles in this lot:

Oh, Bother! Someone Won't Share
Rabbit has grown his best vegetables ever, and he won't share them with any of his friends. But a frost is coming, and it will surely ruin all of the colossal carrots and gorgeous green beans. It's up to Pooh and his friends to save the day.

Oh, Bother! Someone's Jealous
Tigger's bounce isn't as bouncy as Roo's. When Tigger becomes jealous of Roo, he won't bounce with his friends any more. But Tigger's friends assure him that they like bouncing with him even if he's the second best bouncer.

Oh, Bother! Someone's Grumpy
Everyone is having a terrible day. Owl, Piglet and Pooh are grumpy, too. Christopher Robin cheers them all up with a romp in the snow.

Oh, Bother! Someone's Fighting
Eeyore's bored, so his friends try to think of fun things for him to do. Tigger suggests bouncing. Rabbit thinks gardening is better. Everyone starts to argue about what is the best thing they can, until Piglet suggests picnic - something they all agree is lots of fun!

Softcover : 24 pages
Publisher : Golden Books
Size : 8 x 8 x 0.2 inches
Condition : Good used books

Status: Sold

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